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Water Resistant Cotton with leather straps Backpack- Explorer

  • Encouraging and positive words for your little kids: EXPLORER Your Little explorer will discover new places to learn about them!. Fun trucks, hot air balloons, tents, and suitcases print on our water-resistant cotton fabric. This ultra-light wet/dry backpack is a must have for your children’s activities all day long. SHIPPING: Free U.S. shipping on orders over $49. Please allow at least 1-3 business days for your order to processed and ready to ship.
    1. Snap flap top.
    2. Adjustable size
    3. The leather straps color is subject to the availability of the leather.
    4. Less weight for your child to carry on.
    5. Our backpacks are made of our ultra-light water-resistant cotton fabric, which is easy care, wipeable, soft and durable.
    6. Drawstring under flap gather top: makes the bag easy to open and close, and most importantly: everything that is inside stays secure.
    7. Ink Safe for your baby and the environment. Free of: Lead, Mercury, Chromium, Phthalates, Sulfonate, Cadmium, Phenol
    8. 13"L X 13.38"W
    9. Machine washable.
    10. Made in the United States.